Laborator Alergologie şi Imunologie clinică


Research directions


  • Study of etiopathogenic features, the effectiveness of diagnosis and traditional treatment of patients with various morbid forms of allergy, including those related to parasitic invasions;
  • Testing of cellular and humoral immunity of patients with allergies, specifying indices with major diagnostic information in the assessment of the nature of immune disturbances;
  • Development of a unique allergen from regional flora with frequent causal contribution in the genesis of allergies;
  • Creation of diagnostic immunoenzymatic test-systems of different  morbid forms of allergic genesis;
  • Testing of immune status, assessing the nature and degree of cellular immune and humoral disturbances in patients with allergic and parasitic associations;
  • Development of a differential diagnosis algorithm of allergic and parazitic associations;
  • Assessment of clinical and immunological effectiveness of immune-tropic remedies in the immune dysfunction correction and optimization of such patients’ medication.